How I Achieve Different Hairstyles

Beauty Hair February 20, 2017 1 Comments
1necklace @accessorizewithstyle
2crop top and high waisted pants @laelegantkenya

Due to popular demand, a lot of my readers sent requests to find out how I achieve different hairstyles and manage to pull them off? Well without further delay, here we go; I decided to go ahead with the big chop 2 years ago. For those that don’t know what the big chop is, it’s a term used in the…

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A Night of Chocolate @DusitD2

Food February 20, 2017 0 Comments

With so much happening in Nairobi, I can be difficult to pick an event to check out over the weekend. When you scroll through your Instagram or Facebook accounts, you’ll quickly notice that we get adverts recommending pretty much everything! From what products to buy, to what lifestyle they think you should be living. In fact my personal recommendation is…

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Who Takes The Photos?

Fashion February 16, 2017 0 Comments
1Chocker @bershka
2Dress @sheikeandco

Ever since I started PENDAROMA, I constantly get comments on my Instagram pics asking me who took the photo? Well I thought it’s about time I lay it out there and let all the new bloggers know my little secrets… When I first started taking pics of myself (gosh reading that back sounds so vain!) it involved my boyfriend at the…

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Movie Romance in Nairobi?

Love Diaries December 4, 2016 2 Comments

As I binge watch sappy romantic movies on Netflix on my day off, and yes you can envision me sitting on the couch with a shower cap with hair treatment brewing underneath. I couldn’t help but think about the typical story line on each movie; handsome man locks eyes with a beautiful girl across a crowded room and gets the…

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Brief Tour: Zanzibar

Travel Zanzibar November 30, 2016 0 Comments

As I finalised my tour details on a planned excursion to the famous Stone Town in Zanzibar, I refrained from researching too much as I genuinely wanted to be surprised when I got there. With an early start, we began the hour long ride into town with the first stop being the slavery museum. As we arrived at the slavery museum, …

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