21 Day Bikini Body Challenge Intro

#pendaromachallengeSince I can remember, I have always promised myself that at the start of the new year I will completely transform my eating habits and become fitter and healthier person. All my friends can tell you that I’m always trying some sort of new crash diet that a friend of a friend of a friend tried and lost 10 kgs in a week (yeah right). I then normally get over excited by the news and start it off really well just to give up in 2-3 days.

Its become too much of a broken record so I have decided to put even more pressure on myself to keep this years New Year resolution by sharing my journey with my amazing readers. I am going to be completely honest with you all on my daily diet and exercise routine. I will also document and report on my start weight and in exactly 21 days my results.

If you’re anything like me and normally give up easily, please join in the challenge by being completely honest with your friends and family and document it on social media and tag pendaroma or hash tag #pendaromachallenge and let’s go on this health and body changing challenge together!

I am not on any particular program (simply because I don’t seem to follow strict plans and routines) but I am going to be practising clean eating  by simply avoiding foods that come out of a packet. It seems simple enough so I will be documenting my progress on the clean eating lifestyle and exercising for 30 minutes to an hour 5 days a week.  In addition my routines will involve 20 minutes cardio and 10-40 mins toning, which again I will document and share with you all.

I hope to see those hash tags on your start and progress as we commence on this journey.

Challenge starts on 11.01.2016


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