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8 Steps to Flawless Youthful Skin

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Step 1: #Doublecleanse

  • With all the makeup and dirt build up that blocks our skins pores, it’s very important to ensure that no trace of either one can be found on your skin when you prepare for bed.
  • Start by taking a cleansing wipe or nutrient-rich toilette and remove all traces of dirt/makeup.
  • Next, grab a gentle oil cleanser and wash off with luke warm water (oil based cleansers eliminates impurities without drying the skin).

Step 2: #Cleanseagain!

  • Yes! I know… why cleanse again? believe it or not, there is still impurities you can’t see, so use a foam cleanser and wash your face gain.

You will notice you’re skin will become more radiant/acne free complexion with this cleansing regime.

Step 3: #Scrub

  •  It is extremely important to get rid of dead skin, but dont scrub your whole face everyday… that’s way too much and not good for your skin.
  • Scrub areas that you can see need it (problematic areas)

Step 4: #Toner

  • It’s so easy to forget the importance of toning your face!
  • Avoid toners that contain alcohol.
  • Use a hydrating and clarifying toner only.

Step 5: #Essence

  • Using a concentrate liquid of essential oil and spritizng it on your face as you tap it in to dry will help skin cellular renewal process, leading to increased skin elasticity and firmness.

Step 6 : #Concetratedvitamins

  • We forget that our skin is a living organism and needs nutrients (in addition to a healthy diet).
  • Use a few drops of a vitamin concentrated elixir every night to remove signs of aging and dullness in the skin

Step 7: #Facemasks

  • 2-3 times a week if you can spare 5-10 minutes, using a mask is extremely effective.
  • After you wash it off , take 1-3 minutes to massage your face to increase circulation

Step 8: #Eyecream

  • Prevention is better than cure!
  • Crow lines around your eyes are the first signs of aging.
  • Tap hydrating eye cream in your eye bag area and corners of your eyes to prevent wrinkles.

The best thing you can ever do to your body is learning how to take care of it..


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