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How I Achieve Different Hairstyles

By Posted on 2 3 m read

Due to popular demand, a lot of my readers sent requests to find out how I achieve different hairstyles and manage to pull them off?

Well without further delay, here we go; I decided to go ahead with the big chop 2 years ago. For those that don’t know what the big chop is, it’s a term used in the natural hair movement world. When you’ve had chemically straightened hair and basically want your natural hair back and you decide to chop off all your chemically straightened hair.

After my chop I realised I really hadn’t thought it all the way through. I basically didn’t feel comfortable with short hair. I then started watching heaps of Youtube clips and stumbled upon suggested videos after my repeated searches on the big chop and titles such as “how to get the perfect full lace wig look” were now on my watchlist.

I then went through the following process:

  • I started watching way too many videos of black american girls achieving perfect looks with wigs.
  • I then started buying wigs from
  • After receiving my wigs, I would then plait my hair underneath and get different looks almost every month.
I  fell in love! I was officially hooked!

I can’t lie and say I just bought random wigs and knew it would look good on me. I then used a lot of Pinterest!

Searching for girls that wore full lace wigs and had the same type of look as me, this made me some what confident that I would somehow be capable of pulling that; cut, colour and length off.

I would then treat my hair every week and redo my cornrows and then wear my wig during the week. My hair grew at a rapid rate to be honest! But then I went ahead and dyed it blonde and had to redo the big chop about 2 months ago to get rid of all the damage (check out my video on my experience

I am currently regrowing it again and vow never to dye my natural hair again!

On a side note, it wasn’t hard taking care of the wigs, I would treat it the same way you do with your own hair. Wash, condition etc. thats all that is needed to keep it fresh and capable of reuse for more than a year.

Back to the topic at hand, I would basically advice anyone reading this and thinking of getting a different hairstyle, research! research! research! Don’t waste your money on wigs if you don’t have some little indication of how you might look in it. The best thing is that plenty of girls out there have tried it and thanks to the power of sharing and social media, you can easily find a photo of someone who shares your; complexion and face shape (not saying we aren’t all unique) but sometimes you need a little something to help guide you.

Comment below or on my social media if you guys have anymore questions.


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  • Napunyu Leriari
    February 20, 2017

    Great Post Stefanie❤.

    • pendaroma
      March 4, 2017

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

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