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ASMARA Restaurant Karen – Bloggers Night

By Posted on 0 2 m read

As my uber pulled up to a gate clearly labelled ASMARA restaurant which you can find just after the Talisman in Karen, Nairobi, I couldn’t help but feel excited as you would when you get to discover a new restaurant.

Driving into the private compound was an experience in its own, huge trees lit in different colours decorated the nights sky and little candles on each side of different pathways led to the main entrance of the restaurant added to the romantic ambiance of the night.

I was then warmly welcomed by the manager who showed me through the transformed manor. As we worked our way to the back outdoor area I got handed a passion cocktail by a very friendly waiter which again I welcomed as I just had the longest day at work and it’s almost like they read my mind!

I then stood there to just take in my surroundings and couldn’t believe how beautiful the transformation was from manor to restaurant. I actually forgot that it was an Eritrean cuisine restaurant! It was then the manager pointed out that various wood displays and structures took almost a full year to complete and it was part of the vision. Let’s just say it was worth it!

If you’ve been to your local Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant you would notice that there’s always a huge old school/very traditional interior and if you’re not used to it, a very strong smell of herbs and spices (which don’t get me wrong is welcomed by some but not by all).

Asmara is a modern high-end fine dining experience. As the canopies arrived, I then found out they also offer continental cuisine. So you’re spoilt for choice or if you’re with a partner or family members that want different cuisine then you definitely have options.

Laughter filled our table as the group of bloggers and social media gurus sat back and enjoyed what the night had to offer. We discussed and appreciated the different tastes offered and one thing is certain, we all can’t wait to go back!

I would like to thank the Asmara team for hosting us and showing us there is another way to enjoy the delicacies of both Eritrean and continental cuisine.

Let me know if you have been to their new location in Karen and what your thoughts are or if you have any questions.



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