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Bali and Gili Island Travel Experience

By Posted on 2 m read


I arrived in the beautiful Bali airport on the 25th of May and could not believe the change from my last visit 3 years ago! New airport made me feel like I was back travelling around Europe if not better, so in terms of first impressions, definitely excited for the other changes awaiting me. The humidity is just something your going to have
to get used to, if you’re not the type of person that likes humid hot weather, I really don’t think you would enjoy it here. I on the other hand love it especially after a cold start to winter in Adelaide.

I embraced the heat as we headed to our hotel and pre-booking the transfer was the best decision we made,it just saves you the hustle of bargaining and trying to find a good cab, but each to their own, I used a random cab last time and paid more than pre-booking the transfer so it just made sense in my head.

Arriving in Kuta Beach, we headed to the Mercure and it was absolutely beautiful, the infinity pool and the beautiful BailneseΒ people just made the start to our holiday amazing! The only shock we had been how quiet the Kuta area was considering this is normally party central! I thought maybe it was because of the Bali 9 execution situation and the boycotting was real? but how could anyone boycott this beautiful island? the holiday plans did change slightly but we just ended up partying in the Legian area instead which weirdly enough was alot busier that the Kuta area (this is normally the opposite) .

After 3 days of work/relaxation, we headed to Gili Island, which is supposed to be a 1 hour drive to the harbour then a 1 hour boat ride to the island, theoretically this should have been the case but of course it took us 5 hours of travel through a mixture of delays. Once I finally arrived at the beautiful island it was worth the wait! I can’t believe how beautiful this place is, there are no cars! like what so ever! the only mode of transport here is walking, biking or horse rides! I know! the clear blue water and the slow relaxed atmosphere was so refreshing! I am still here and loving every day! the people are so lovely! and I would highly recommend Gili Island to anyone I met, Bali is not for everyone but I don’t know anyone who would not fall in love with Gili Island πŸ™‚

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