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This past weekend has got me sweating all day! Driving, walking, sitting, with 41°C it really doesn’t matter what you do, it makes it impossible to do anything without getting hot. Along with the cold drinks and ice-cream, the Bohochic look comes out to play. I decided to go make-up free in todays look for the simple fact that whats the point? It just clogs your skin as it tries to breath through the heat. I would like to encourage you all to give your skin a break for at least 2-3 days a week if you’re a regular make-up girl like me, it just helps clear your skin and keeps it healthy and youthful.

Back to the fashion in today’s look, with the funky colors and patterns that the Boho look has to offer, its vibrance is always a recipe to stand out as you head to the beach or summer bbq.

I love this light dress by Temt as it just helped me cool down and let my body breath from the heat. I would love to encourage you all to share your next Boho look and tag @pendaroma so  I can check out your twist to the style as the warmer weather still continues.

Before heading to the beach today I snapped away and hope this look may inspire you to create your own.

Todays Look:

Dress: Temt

Shoes: Jo Mercer

Headband: Kmart 










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