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As I rushed to the airport in Ibiza to catch a flight to Napoli, Italy, I can truthfully say I didn’t know what I should expect.
Why would I even book a flight there? Well, I was told they had the best food in Italy by a friend that worked as a chef in Europe. How could I not want to check it out?
However except for the food aspect, I didn’t know what to expect. Being in Rome a year ago, I thought it would be a smaller version of it but with fewer monuments.
As I arrived, Guiceppe was there in a full suit waiting to take us to our hotel. Ok, normally I don’t expect a man to help me with my luggage when I’m not struggling with it, however he immediately insisted and the men around me said let him take it, you will get used to the Italian man.
Wondering around the city looking for a good restaurant that would serve us the legendary pizza and pasta that every forum keeps ranting on about, I couldn’t help but notice how courteous people are to each other.
Just when I thought chivalry was dead! I witnessed young men taking their grandparents for walks or helping you with your bags when they can see they are too heavy!
As I finally found an amazing restaurant located right next to theΒ MunicipioΒ metro stop called La Trotteria. I finally sat down to take in the city and realised I was in a very uptown restaurant and they only charged 6 euros per 1 litre of wine!
Needless to say, me and my friend didn’t move the whole night. We enjoyed conversations with the cheeky waiters and absorbed the city views.
I can now understand why people rave about the food in Napoli and I would highly recommend a visit.
However I can’t lie, athletically it is nowhere near as beautiful as Rome. The streets a dirty and everything is run down. Some may see this as a charm, since it’s the birth place of the Mafia but others may want a more postcard view where I would then recommend you to land in Napoli then head to Positano or the Amalfi Coast.
My next post will describe my road trip down to the coast….. And you can decide for yourself if you think you’ll be planning a visit.
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