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Brief Tour: Zanzibar

By Posted on 2 3 m read

As I finalised my tour details on a planned excursion to the famous Stone Town in Zanzibar, I refrained from researching too much as I genuinely wanted to be surprised when I got there.

With an early start, we began the hour long ride into town with the first stop being the slavery museum. As we arrived at the slavery museum,  I began to learn about the sad, rich history of Zanzibar (being the gateway port for the slave trade between East Africa and the Middle East). I know its cliche to say how blessed a lot of us are, but being reminded of our history is the only way to snap back into reality sometimes and actually appreciate how lucky some of us are to be born into the free world we have now (to some extent, I will explain).

I know there are constantly threats in this modern age and its very easy to get depressed on the mayhem and sad news we hear day in and day out, but it has been through travel and learning other countries histories that we can just sit back and reflect on how far we have come…

We then proceeded to walk towards Stone Town, where I learnt a lot of the houses in the area consist of government housing. The people that live there pay a small amount to the government as compensation, but thats not what shocked me, I just thought; who knew that Kenya’s neighbours offer government housing?!

With the growing blooming Kenyan economy, how do we still have slums? Billions of shillings go missing every other day with the main suspects  of those scandals roaming free! Think about all the progress around the city that could have happened with that money! We could have build a whole block or upgraded an whole section of a slum to better the Kenyan people! Our neighbours are setting the standard that I think we should follow and government housing would help so many Kenyans and should be a basic need that we should be subsidising.

Our tour guide also showed us a church next to a mosque and that Muslims and Christians respect each others faiths and live peacefully together. In fact, Christian and Muslim children go to sunday school together…

While on the other hand, Nairobi is biased on almost everything! Everyone judges each other constantly over the most irrelevant subjects. We segregate in faith, tribe, colour… We judge, clothing, cars, houses or simple social media posts!

How do you benefit from this? It takes more time and energy to segregate and talk about other people than just accepting and living our lives. Imagine how far we would be? We still have such a wide gap between the rich and the poor, no government support for those who are less fortunate and need it, and the only thing people seem to care about is destroying other peoples reputations or miss treating others for the smallest things.

I admired all the rich heritage and all the lessons I’ve learnt and highly recommend a visit to Zanzibar, not only for the amazing people and site seeing, but as a fellow Kenyan it can surprisingly cleanse the soul.

Ciao_Roma xoxo










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  • Sera
    May 12, 2017

    Spent our honeymoon there and its still a dream destination. Beautiful and so rich and diverse.

    • pendaroma
      May 17, 2017

      Aaaw yeah a honeymoon there would be magical 🙂

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