Modern Ways to Rock African Prints #CokeStudioAfrica #Ep2

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I always warn people that if you’re not careful with African prints, trying to add too many print designs together can easily look chaotic. However, with the right balance, you can party like a stylish African rockstar and set trends doing it!

With varieties like “ankara”, “kente”, or “dutch wax” and the trendy …

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Why a Statement Jacket is all you need – #CokeStudioAfrica #Ep1

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I talk about statement pieces all the time but it got me thinking… What is it about an item that makes it a statement piece?

The concept of “making a statement’ in fashion can be attributed to the ubiquity of street style blogs. In other words I think statement pieces should be interesting, …

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Belt it Out!

Posted on 1 1 m read

I have to admit, I haven’t been a regular user of belts in the past. I guess I just never saw the appeal other than holding up your trousers and remember back then, there never used to be a trend of high-waisted anything! So for pear shapes such as myself, belts only exaggerated the widest …

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Crazy About Silk (Look Book)

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Silky textures are big news this autumn. And with the femininity trend still reigning supreme, it’s no surprise that everyone from high-end designers to high street brands are marrying blush tones with the romantic fabric to create the ultimate girly combo.

It’s a look that’s been spotted on numerous members …

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Review: Fashion High Tea 2017

Posted on 0 3 m read

I have never given a review of Fashion High Tea before but I figured it’s about time I shared my own personal experience.

If you haven’t been to Fashion High Tea then here is some insight into the full day event.

Firstly, I know it’s a nightmare if you go out …

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Who Takes The Photos?

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Ever since I started PENDAROMA, I constantly get comments on my Instagram pics asking me who took the photo?

Well I thought it’s about time I lay it out there and let all the new bloggers know my little secrets…

When I first started taking pics of myself (gosh reading that …

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