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70s Inspiration

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I’ve never been one to wear a full white dress without any pattern whats so ever. I’m not sure if it’s because I know I am supper clumsy and constantly have a black cup of coffee in one hand and a biro in the other, but regardless you can guess that I’m always avoiding situations …

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What Hairstyle Is Trending this Summer?

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Are you as confused as me when it comes to picking your next hairstyle?

As a proud African woman I am the first person to praise a fierce natural look when I come across it but I have to admit, natural African hair may look easy to maintain but if you’re a part …

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My Experience as a Fashion Blogger in Kenya

By Posted on 4 3 m read

When outsiders look at the rise of the blogging community in Kenya, many questions might come to mind; How much do they earn? Do you just start a Blogspot/Wordpress site and share your thoughts all day? How easy is it to infiltrate the blogging community and raise you’re following of readers and supporters?

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Maasai Colour #KICKSTARTER

By Posted on 2 m read

halisi collection

I cannot tell you all how excited I am to be working with Maasai Colour again. Not only are they making made in Kenya pieces which provides local jobs to fashion artists but they are now introducing their new collection of genuineΒ leather bags and clutches that areΒ simply divine.

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Mens Edition: Modern-Vintage Styling

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The hipsters are here to stay! Yes I had to declare it, because if know your everyday hipster, they are currently rocking a modern-vintage look. Let me explain myself first before anyone takes offence. I love hipsters! Their very definition on google tells you everything you need to know;

A personΒ who …

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