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My Top 5 Fav Fashion Illustrators

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tumblr_o65qp6iWrQ1qez00mo1_12801. Hayden Williams : British Fashion Illustrator & Designer

Instagram: @hayden_williams


2. Armand Mehidri: Fashion illustrations about his favorite celebrities.

Instagram : @ArmandMehidri


3. Natalia Madej: Natalia / 20 / Poland / Fashion Illustrations …

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Hit or Miss: Met Ball Gala 2016

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Best Dressed:


Kendall Jenner in Versace

Blake Lively in Burberry

Blake Lively in Burberry



Kylie Jenner in Balmain

Kylie Jenner in Balmain




Rita Ora in Vera Wang

Rita Ora in Vera Wang

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Top 10: Must Have Shoe Designs

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  1. Black Pumps

blackpumps-700x3702. Statement Heels


3. Ballerina Flats




5. All Weather Boots


6.Tall Flat Boots

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Are you ready to expose your lace?

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Long gone are the days when we would cringe if we saw an exposed bar strap or bra peeping above a dress /shirt. Lace bras are the newest fashion craze with bloggers and celebrities rocking them with a mixture of outfit choices. From oversized shirts to sheer tops, the lace bras are no longer seen …

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Soon You’ll Be Able to Get a Permanent Tattoo That’s Actually Erasable

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Article Sourced from; POPSUGAR
April 27, 2016 by


If you’ve never gotten a tattoo solely due to indecision or commitmentphobia, that’s about to change. We’re not talking about trying shimmering Flash Tattoos or other temporary ink. Nope …

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Kipato Unbranded: A Story of Beauty and Empowerment

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When I was first heard of Kipato Unbranded I simply knew their reputation of ethically made in Kenya jewellery. It was only when I had the chance to get more information on the brand, I realised how amazing their story is and learnt of all their unique and stunning products. I am honoured to wear …

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