Nairobi Must Try: #NewsCafe

IMG_4165 Since I’ve been back in Kenya, I have never been so excited to start exploring my city. It’s always exciting to come back to so many new places that have opened up since I’ve been away. Just yesterday I finally went to lunch at News Cafe. It’s all I’ve …

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Early Bird

 For ages I have always told myself that I would wake up early and take time in the morning to reflect on the day, be thankful, make an amazing breakfast and burn it off with a refreshing morning exercise routine.

Unfortunately I am no one to lecture you to …

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Skinny Me Tea Day 14 Review

Posted on 2 2 m read

I recently posted an article on my excitement as I started my Skinny Me Teatox 14 Day Plan. I am going to give you my complete unbiased experience for anyone that has been thinking about starting the same cleanse.

My plan included; a morning tea, night tea and the …

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SkinnyMe Teatox: Day 1

Posted on 11 1 m read


I am super excited today because my SkinnyMe Teatox arrived in the post yesterday evening and today has been the start to my 14 day teatox cleanse.

I first discovered the teatox craze on Instagram as I followed a load of

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Ambient Restaurant and Bar Review

Posted on 0 1 m read


Whenever I need to unwind, I head to the beach, it’s just the one place that helps me clear my head and gets my ideas flowing. I know everyone has that one place that they head to when they need to unwind and if you don’t explore your city, I’m sure there …

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Review on L’usine : Vietnamese Food

Posted on 0 2 m read


At the moment just like the rest of world, I have been obsessed with Vietnamese Food! So you can imagine how excited I was travelling there and trying it from the source! So the one main meal that stood out for me (everything was already amazing but this

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