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Freelance Author: findingae

Growing up I had heard a lot about Robben Island and as such I doubt there is anyone who has not, however, just in case, it is most popular for being the place Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s anti-apartheid revolutionist, later President was incarcerated for 18 years out …

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Beauty of Diversity


dubai 1

The beauty of diversity is not something that we seem to appreciate in this day and age where racial profiling seems to be the norm around the world. With trending discrimination on specific races and ethnicities, it makes me question… Are we not in the 21st century? When turning …

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Dubai: the Live, Love and Spend Lifestyle


As soon as you step through the Dubai airport, you already get an indication of how grande and sparkly everything around you is! (not the most professional approach to describe it but its true).

The city is nothing short but spectacular to the eye. With the surrounding glass sky scrapers, …

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Melbourne is easily one of my top 10 places to visit (yes not Sydney, I know there is always competition between the two but I guess I’m team Melbourne). Where to begin, firstly I am a huge foodie and coffee lover and there is no place better to try the …

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Summer time fun

While Sydney has Bondi beach and Melbourne has St Kilda I guess Adelaide has Glenelg. Don’t get me wrong there are beaches everywhere that locals claim for their own but if your visiting Adelaide, South Aistralia, Glenelg is the place to see during summer.

A few years ago I wouldn’t say their was …

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Travel Tip #cityexplorermustcarry

As I packed my suitcase for Australia, friends warned me that it was getting warmer so I should pack light but something I will never travel without despite the warm weather warnings would be; a waterfall jumper, a line skirt (to style up) comfortable strappyΒ shoes and a scarf!

If your planning for …

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