Colosseum Restaurant: Soft Launch, Two Rivers Mall

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Melted cheese with a dash of pepper and pasta wrapped around my fork is what comes to mind whenever I hear, let’s go for Italian food. No matter what health kick I’m on, it’s hard for me to say no to the delicacies that Italian cuisine has to offer.


As I took the escalators down towards the newly opened Colosseum restaurant located at the famous Two Rivers Mall I couldn’t help but hear my stomach rumble from anticipation.

From first impressions, the interior decor was very impressive and the room was filled with Italian traditional instrumentals. It reminded me of long dinners last summer, full of laughter and wine with friends I met travelling through the Amalfi Coast and finally down to Rome.

As our table full of foodies finally settled down, the waiters presented a range of meats from salami to prosciutto, accompanied with freshly made flat bread and all I can say is that I wish I could buy that bread to keep at home!

The chef was a pleasant and very friendly Italian man who then brought out the range of Pinsa. Yes I said Pinsa and not Pizza…


A flat bread comparable to the present focaccia, which wraps in a crispy layer soft breadcrumb with a flavour of ancient bread which joins the past wisdom with the modern dietary. Made from wheat,soy and rice flour; also, the specific baking method used has given birth to a high quality product. They are also the only restaurant in Kenya to make this delicacy.

Not knowing how I could manage to stuff my face so quickly, I almost forgot I wasn’t at home to unbutton my jeans! (that would have been a cringe worthy moment). The flavours I experienced were simple yet rich with flavour and truly authentic to its origins.

As the girls began opening conversation about their next dates having to bring them back to Colosseum the desserts arrived. I just thought that I didn’t care how full I was, there was no way I could miss out of the sugary goodness I had witnessed in front of me!

I must say from a range of desserts I would highly recommend the Tiramisu! It is out of this world and something you will thank me later for! I am truly excited with the continuous showcase of talented chefs and delicious cuisine Nairobi has access to, who needs to go to Rome when you can go to Two Rivers?

Comment below if you would like to share your experience at Colosseum restaurant at Two Rivers.


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