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Costs of a Santorini trip

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When a lot of people hear the word Santorini, beautiful sunrises/sunsets or the island with the white houses and amazing views normally come to mind. However, if you look into it, the costs can be a huge surprise, but that’s why I’m here… you can easily book your next trip if you’re organised enough and do your research.

Just to add before we get down to the costs of it all, I can say I have travelled a fair bit and honestly Santorini is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations and I would recommend it.

Just a reminder, if you are booking accommodation on the main area most hotels are on a cliff face so yes there is a lot of walking up and down stairs but I can’t complain when I get a workout on a holiday, but for those that aren’t looking for that, then this is just a polite warning and maybe look to book a hotel right at the top of the cliff.

Down to the costs…. If you are looking to book a room on the cliff side in the main area of Fira, I would recommend booking it a year in advance. The hotel we stayed in was Athena Luxury Suites and if you booked the same cliff view room for next year around the same time it will cost roughly $280 USD a night and it ranges  (room with a private pool etc).

If you fast track that to 6 months before your trip, it can almost triple! If you book it 2-3 months before your trip (around the summer time months) you are looking at a minimum of $1000 USD a night.

So you get my point, it all depends on how organised you are and what you want to pay. This goes for flights as well. The longer you wait, the more expensive it becomes.

Food in the main area (more like a takeaway area) would range around 3 euro- 12 euro. If you are going for a fine dining experience you are looking at spending around 18euro to 80 euro plus per meal, again depending on what you order.

Clothing is actually the most ridiculous cost! A bikini set ranges at 250 euro plus! Dresses go from 70 euro up to 900 euro (not designer brands in case you are wondering). Let’s just say, besides buying your tourist souvenirs Santorini is not kind on the wallet when it comes to shopping.

If you have any questions or tips for readers out there, please comment below and we can chat further.


(This meal was €18)


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