Curl Care #MissJessiesReview

A few months ago, I  got various beauty and hair products from Palm Cosmetics KE.  I would describe Palm Cosmetics as a ‘candy store’ for hair and beauty industry. I haven’t seen any shops that stock other brands other than the normal Dark and Lovely, Cantu and Shea Moisture (not that I don’t absolulty love the 3 brands) I was just shocked to have other options.

Needless to say I was very excited to be taking home something different to try out. Ok, so initially I was going to post a review straight away but I got caught up with travel and work but I am happy I delayed the review. I actually got to use the products through my travels to Singapore and the Philippines where I was swimming almost every day.

I guess you can say I really got to test how well these products would work when my hair was dry from all the sea salt and tangled from diving off waterfalls. I can now officially give a full and unbiased review.

I LOVE THEM! Miss Jessies has stolen my heart! First of all I haven’t used a shampoo for ages! Ok I know what your thinking, GROSS!? If your in the curly hair world, you would have seen videos of girls that use cleansing conditioners that clean and also moisturise. That what your curls aren’t dry after your wash. I used Miss Jessies de-tangling shampoo and it was moisturising and I just had to run my fingers through my hair and voila! After that I applied their leave in conditioner and my curls were defined and I didn’t have to put in as much effort as I normally do!

I have healthy curls through my travels and I’m simply impressed. Click here to get onto the Palm Cosmetics Kenya Facebook page where you can check out their products and visit their store in town or order via a Direct Message.

Comment if you have a review of their product or share this article to a friend thats been looking for something different to help their curls.