Its time to get real! I’m just going to go ahead and say it… confidence is not something I grew up with or have had till just recently. I’ve had to discover who I am as a person and know what I feel comfortable with in every area of my life.

If you don’t have that friend that you can imagine saying ‘do you boo boo’ then I will be that person! Its time for everyone to own their style and the decisions they make. We are not living other people’s lives! Its time women and men all around the world looked at themselves and just rocked each decision they made to create their style.

For 2 years, YES 2 YEARS! I always admired other people’s daring hair style choices that I wouldn’t dare try (just because I thought other people would judge me in certain ways if I did try out of the box looks). However I am no longer living my life for other people and I would love to see more powerful confident people rock different looks and styles. I have gone ahead and made a change in my hair and the old me would have never ever dared to try a grey/silver ombre look but the new me will because I simply love the look.  I hope that this post not only inspires people to step out of the box and be more confident with themselves but additionally own your style and just DO YOU BOO BOO!!

Todays Look

Jumpsuit and shoes: La Elegant

Handbag: Yves Saint Laurent






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