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Dubai: the Live, Love and Spend Lifestyle

By Posted on 1 4 m read


As soon as you step through the Dubai airport, you already get an indication of how grande and sparkly everything around you is! (not the most professional approach to describe it but its true).

The city is nothing short but spectacular to the eye. With the surrounding glass sky scrapers, that reflect the Dubai sky, and the street parking filled with the newest Ferrari’s and Maserati’s, its quit clear that the people here definitely enjoy the finer things in life.

Speaking with quit a few locals and getting their take on the city and how they live life here, I have had a lot to think about.

My friend Abdi made me really question how we accept what happens in Kenya and how we do absolutely nothing about what we see or know! The conversation first started when I asked him how Dubai can always afford to make their city look like this and constantly construct newer and better tourist destinations (I know there is oil here but can it really do all of this?). He pointed out that it was the Dubai Government that makes the city incredible.

This peaked my interest, Abdi went to say no one pockets money here so all the money the government makes goes back into the city and just simple things here make tourists love the city and come back time and time again and they simply help keep business running, he gave examples why Dubai was the perfect place;

  • Police here would give you a ride to where you need to go if you’re a tourist and you haven’t been able to catch a cab.
  • You can walk at all times of the day or night and wont be disturbed by anyone.
  • The penalty for stealing here is cutting your hand off (yes very extreme but you can walk around with a wheel barrow of gold and no one will blink an eye) therefore no worrying that your stuff will be snatched.
  • The city is technologically advanced so business investment is high therefore more buildings and tourist attractions are being built and more is done to beautify the city.

He then said can you imagine how far your country would be if the Kenyan Government wasn’t so corrupt? It made me start to imagine how amazing our city would be! With billions of dollars every year going unaccounted for, when would it ever get better? We are so quick to point out the thieves but do nothing about them! Just plaster their face on the paper and keep walking as they keep going? We look so highly up to those that do nothing for us? Yet we keep re-electing them into those positions? There is no accountability for their actions and we talk about it all day and again do nothing about it?

Another man I spoke to named Anthu pointed out that people here change their cars every 2-3 years, and sell their old model to other countries for a bargain to get rid of them and upgrade to the newest edition or the newest craze. He pointed out his phone as he gave me an example, he said “you see this iPhone 6, this is old, everyone already has the 6S and I will be getting the 7 when it comes out”, I asked why you would you do that if you have a perfectly good phone that is less than a year old? He explained that you just want a new model of everything here because no one wants to see an older model.


I sat there trying to understand what world I had just stepped in to? I just can’t understand how people can afford to keep upgrading cars etc. just for their look every few years.

I don’t know if its growing up in Africa and always being taught the meaning of money and how to save it? Or maybe its just me? He went on to say, look Stef, your working and working and yes you will make your money, but what for? You don’t even enjoy you’re money, just buy the car you want?

I know I am just not built like that and in my eyes I would think of using all that money they spend on cars and phones on something else like a business or charity or simply ANYTHING ELSE?

One thing is definitely clear, Dubai is a place of the live, love and spend lifestyle. I enjoyed walking through the Jumeirah beach with my friend Cindy Ugi and just took in the country and appreciated my view of the value of money and how to spend it. For todays post Cindy and I chose to go casual but chic with our day time explorer look. If you are planning to travel to Dubai I hope this article might somehow give you some insight into what you will expect to see as it will be simply GRANDE!

P.S the Marigold lifestyle Vlog on Youtube with Chef Cindy Ugi and Pendaroma will be up tomorrow with our new episodes on tips and advice on fashion, food and travel #COMINGSOON!

Pendaroma look:

Capri Pants: Finders Keepers

Tank Top: Armani Exchange

Sleeveless Trench: La Elegant Kenya

Handbag: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Jo Mercer






Cindy’s Look:

Dress: Betsey Johnson

Shoes: Woolworth Kenya

Watch: Tiffany & Co

Handbag: Sakroots







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