Early Bird

 For ages I have always told myself that I would wake up early and take time in the morning to reflect on the day, be thankful, make an amazing breakfast and burn it off with a refreshing morning exercise routine.

Unfortunately I am no one to lecture you to wake up early, however I have taken the task on to actively stop thinking of doing it and actually do it! I know! some of you may be thinking yeah whatever Stef I need my beauty sleep, there can’t be any harm from catching some extra zzz in the morning?

Well I asked Mr. Google and found a few interesting facts and inspirational photos that not only convinced me to go ahead and just do it (no matter how much it may suck in the morning) and maybe it might influence you?


Benefits of waking up early: 

More Proactive

Harvard biologist Christoph Randler discovered in 2008 that early risers are more proactive. They were more likely to agree with statements like “I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself” and “I feel in charge of making things happen.”

Anticipate Problems

Randler’s research also revealed that “morning people” are more likely to anticipate problems and minimize them efficiently, which leads to more successful in the business world.

Better Planners

Early risers report using their morning quiet time for organization, goal-setting and planning out their days and weeks ahead

Time To Exercise

Many successful businesspeople get up early to exercise (before the family is awake and their official work days start). Regular exercise boosts mood and fitness, provides energy on the job and helps create deeper sleep cycles.

Get Better Sleep

Sleep experts say that if you go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, your body will be more in tune with the earth’s circadian rhythms, which offers more restorative sleep.

More Optimistic

Various studies have shown that morning people exhibit character traits like optimism, being agreeable, satisfaction and conscientiousness. Night owls, while linked with creativity and intelligence, are more likely to exhibit traits like depression, pessimism and being neurotic.


Inspirational Breakfast Ideas:


The best thing about making a frittata is that it’ll yield enough servings for breakfast all week. Recipe here.


Basically it’s a yogurt parfait that you can eat without utensils. And, finger food is the best food. Recipe here.


Recipe here.


Recipe here.

Here are more delicious overnight oats recipes


Think of this recipe as a base for whatever delicious, fruity combination of toppings and mix-ins you can dream up. Recipe here.



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