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Who said that a glam look had to be clean and Barbie pretty?! If you follow pendaroma, you may have noticed that I like to play around with looks and step out of the box…

I have been loving a very dark lip lately and with my natural short hair, I created a glamorous outfit with a raw twist.

I don’t believe that lots of black, leather, rugged boots, distressed fabrics, studs, zippers, tattoos, and creating a general “rough around the edges” look is the only way to look edgy. These outfit elements describe one type of edge — a “hard edge”. It’s probably the most popular way to create an edgy style because these items have been trending for years and are easily accessible.

I love a simple classic elegant look (normally my staple)! but with the new direction of makeup and hair styles that I am currently experimenting with, I have started combining my elegant go to outfits with a my new edgy look. I hope this outfit and makeup combination inspires you to try combining your looks (sporty and girly or sexy and elegant etc.).

Todays Look:

Sweater: Bardot

Skirt: La Elegant









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