Even babies had to crawl before they can walk

From the moment I stepped out of the plane at the Mombasa Airport, I had a weird sense of peace of mind. I don’t know if it’s just physiological, knowing that my weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi had just began or maybe it’s the sea breeze that sweeps over you as you take your first steps out of the plane? Whichever it may be, Mombasa definitely has a calming effect on me.

As I sat in the van headed to the hotel a very interesting business man struck up a conversation with me and after what seemed like the usual light banter of meeting someone new he said something that has struck a chord! He pointed out that people from Nairobi like to cram a week into a day and a year into a month, forgetting that even babies had to crawl before they can walk! We forget to just take a break and reflect as are consumed by the stress of the Nairobi hustle.

I took his wise advice and decided to take this weekend trip as a time of reflection and relaxation because we all deserve to just destress and reflect on our lives.

I can’t help but sound hippy at the moment, I think the combination of the beach and the super relaxed Swahili people that I have spoken to that may have changed the way I see things.

As I got to meet some locals and just hangout they made me appreciate how beautiful life is! So I hope today’s  relaxed beach looks may somehow inspire you to just relax and destress this weekend because you simply deserve it!