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Get the Most Out of Barcelona

By Posted on 0 3 m read

Ok, I am in no way an expert and I don’t have any Spanish history background but as a fellow tourist, I have learned a few handy tips that can hopefully help you on your next trip to Barcelona.

Tourist Attractions:

Exploring the city by foot is in my opinion the best way to really see what Barcelona has to offer. However if your pressed for time you can grab a ‘hop on, hop off bus’ .


Ok so there are obviously pros and cons of using a hop on, hop off bus. Firstly the pros are as follows;

  • With a day rate payment of 28 Euro , you can use obviously as they name of the company entails, hop on and hop off  the bus at a tourist attraction of your interest. This way you don’t have to pay for a taxi to take you back and forth which in a full day of hoping through attractions can really add up $$$.
  • Its comfortable and you get earphones that connect onto each seating area that explains the history of the city as you go through each stop.
  • You can hop off at an attraction and catch another bus (5 minute intervals).
  • You can get another view of the city from the top deck of the bus (amazing photos in my opinion).

The Cons are as follows:

  • The history explained on the bus headset is not as detailed or as descriptive as a walking tour that is normally free but of course you can pay your guide at the end as gratitude or if your pleased with the tour he/she has given.

So of course I may seem biased in this but I think using the bus is always helpful and quick.

On an unrelated matter, when it comes to tickets to get into various attractions, I would press you to pre-purchase them online and this way you can skip all the lines and disappointment of arriving at e.g.Park Güell and finding that they don’t allow another tour to commence until 6pm and you just arrived there at 11am.

Hotel/Hostel Transfers:

If you have read my previous post it is not as easy as you may think to find your hotel transfer company when you arrive at the airport pickup point. I would suggest emailing them or calling them before you depart and checking where they are normally located or what colour T-Shirts they wear to be spotted etc.

If you prefer public transport, again that is not a problem but do some research on what bus/train takes you to the area desired? How much does it cost? If you are travelling in a group it might be cheaper to pay for a cab?

Forums and the country’s tourism sites are extremely helpful.

Food & Entertainment:

Barcelona Beach in my opinion has the most variety in terms of restaurants and clubs. I had amazing seafood, paella, tapas and sangria at most restaurants while I was there and most meals cost on average 15 Euro to 20 depending on what you pick. Most dinner bills for 2 of us cost 50 Euros on average and we weren’t holding back on the orders. If you are eating in the city, the best place that still sticks in my head is called iTapas, it’s located in the centre of La Rambla and you can’t miss it, you can get all you can eat for 15 euros but they serve the food for you depending on what you eat, but I guess you can go back and forth until your full.

On another note, a girl we met took us to Sant Antoni (a really local place with pubs and restaurants) it looked amazing but I think it’s just the restaurant we went to called Lando, its down Passatge de Pere Calders and the service was absolutely horrendous! We waited 15 minutes to be seated yet there was no line and the food was cold in the middle, I would recommend you try other restaurants in that area and not Lando! 

Clubbing is amazing! Opium, Hotel W and Shoko all stuck in my head the most for the music and people.







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