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Great Rift Valley Lodge

By Posted on 0 3 m read

As the smell of freshly brewed coffee slowly worked it’s way into my room like something from a Tom and Jerry cartoon, I found myself awake and making my way towards the kitchen.

As I stood there with my eyes half-shut trying to keep up with light beaming into the room, I began  to slowly enjoy some freshly brewed coffee, it was then I had that moment when you realise you’re late and you need to start getting ready!

In a Bridget Jones movie my frantic running up and down the house would have been fast forwarded into a quirky montage. So I took control of myself and began to call Faiza Hersi (Instagram @faysbox my BFF and road trip partner in crime) just to find out she was ready to go and on her way to pick me up!

I then did the most Kenyan thing I know and lied to her and said I was ready and waiting for her (yeah I know, cringe worthy moment). I proceeded to first haul myself into the shower and then throw what I could see useful into a small travel bag and believe it or not as she rang to let me know she’s outside, I was ready and psyched to go #roadtrip!!



I guess I was excited about any trip that meant leaving Nairobi in a rear view mirror and getting some much needed fresh air and rest.

So as we jammed to tunes and chatted about life, it was such an enlightening moment to just take in the views and watch people we drove passed live and work on their farms and just appreciate life. I find that the city has a way of sometimes making life all about the hustle, we work so hard, and beat ourselves up when we don’t succeed as quickly as we expect to and meanwhile others are simply taking life one moment at a time and living so simply with huge smiles on their faces. I also hate to be cheesy but it reminded me of quote by Confucius “life is really simple but we decide to make it complicated”.


I then turned on my Google Maps to become a useful co-driver and help Faiza find the Great Rift Valley Lodge since it was our first time visiting.

As we made the famous stop at the Delamere farm shopping centre to grab some samosas and freshly squeezed juice, we then hopped back into the car with our mouths full to then find a huge sign directing us to the lodge. I found that so helpful since most places can only be found with Google Maps, and it actually led to a quiet road with no cars (which as you know is such a rare sight in Nairobi) we just had to stop and take a pic as we were gobsmacked that we could actually do this.

Onwards we were greeted by families of monkeys and baboons which was surreal, to then find a huge gate labelled the GREAT RIFT VALLEY LODGE on the left.

As our friends met us and showed us our room, I had to take a moment to stare out into the valley from the house, the view was absolutely spectacular! I couldn’t believe that this getaway was only 2 hours away.

We began celebrating our friend Stefs birthday surrounded by breath-taking views and amazing company, I now find myself sitting here in a cafe back in Nairobi reminiscing on the weekend and can’t wait for my next adventure. If you are reading this and have other suggestions for another road trip, please comment below and it could be my next post.. #discoverkenya



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