Hi lovies,  I am a lover of the all black look and had some fun  pulling this look together with the help of Michael Dunn, one of Adelaide’s best hairdressers and a close friend of mine. I used an oversized jacket by forever 21 and a mini black dress from Kookai Australia with a pair of hush puppies strappy shoes to create
this grunge look for the night.

I think if your going for a more upmarket grunge look, it best to keep everything very minimal and simple, the more you add onto your look the messier it can get and don’t get me wrong sometimes it works but in most cases it can just end up looking cheap.

My make-up relied mostly on a purple red Inglot lipstick to give it a sexier feel (because we all know how amazing red lips can be to a whole look). but at the end of the day I just think the best way to really get away with this look is to keep it simple and just having the confidence to rock it.






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