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Hola Barcelona!

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As my flight descended into Barcelona in the middle of a typical summer day, I can’t help but act like a little kid full of excitement as I finally pick up my bags and head out of customs unbothered by security guards (yes for Africans this is always a win)!

I then started looking for the company that was meant to pick me up like a typical tourist but couldn’t spot the name of the company or my name on a board.

When I did find them, it was almost ridiculous that first of all they didn’t have my name on any board and they were wearing different company T-Shirts to the company that was on my confirmation slip.

You must be wondering, how did I find these elusive people? I had to get hooked on the Airport WIFI and we all know how  easy that can be… Then, thank God my friend had landed the day before and had the same problem, I Facebook rang her just to find out that she went around the day she landed, asking every pick up company if they were the ones we paid for?

Once she told me that they are the only ones in the airport wearing bright yellow shirts I quickly walked to them just for them to ignore a line of people who were waiting to speak to them!

Lets just say that it wasn’t exactly the best way to feel when you get into a country you have never been to before. So a quick word of advice, email your pick up company before you arrive and find out how or where they are situated at the airport.

I then told myself there is no way I’m letting this ruin my hype. Once I let go of that one silly incident, I was consumed by the country. The friendly people, the amazing architecture, the countless restaurants and retail stores….


Where to begin, ok firstly, you have to get used to the fact that nothing here seems to open until around 11am-1pm (Bars don’t open till 3-4PM) . If you think you will be waking up early to do some shopping and go to countless Spanish cafe’s, think again.

Barcelona comes to life from the afternoon until 4-6AM.

I was never a morning person to begin with so I think I’ve found my people! Sleep till 10am then head to work? Yes, I think I can manage that (only for hospitality jobs).

In terms of accommodation, I decided to stay at a hostel with a friend and for whomever that may be reading this, if you want to meet other people and mingle, it’s the best way! As soon as I dropped my bags, I headed to the hostel pool just to find my friend with a huge group of people laughing and sharing stories.

I was warmly greeted and we then headed to Barcelona beach for dinner and drinks.

For a first impression, I would say Barcelona is not only a beautiful city but full of rich culture and friendly people! Just remember that one small thing that can happen in an airport or taxi , etc., can’t determine your whole trip!

Watch out for my next post on advice on my top 10 must see places and ways to get around the stunning Barcelona.









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