Its All About The Assets


I try not to sounds like a broken record but todays look forced me to repeat myself (sorry). “It’s all about the assets” is a statement that broke out a long conversation today at the La Elegant women’s boutique. Two beautiful women tried on different figure hugging outfits and they definitely had the goods that made the¬†dresses look amazing on them so why not “flaunt it!?”.

I have to admit that I am more blessed on the top half of my body than my bottom half (had to be honest). I normally dress conservatively during working hours but I guess why not complement some of your assets on the weekend? Ok, I am not advising you to get all Pamela Anderson and run in slow motion down the beach or Kim Kardashian and break the internet, I’m just saying that fashion allows you to play with¬†your body, in some cases certain patterns make women appear thinner, in others your ‘assets’ are showcased subtly but beautifully, it goes on and on…

With todays look, I had some fun and speaking to those beautiful women gave me the inspiration to ‘flaunt it’ as they would say and just love your body hope some of you are inspired to elegantly ‘flaunt it’.




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