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Milan to Santorini

By Posted on 1 2 m read

With another early 3 am wake up call to catch a 7 am flight with Easy Jet from Milano to Santorini, I was a lot more organised this time since I guess I’d now become used to early wake-up calls for flights.

A 1-hour taxi ride later…I rolled my suitcase into the airport departure area, where I was shocked to see hundreds of people lining up to catch all their flights to different parts around Europe.

I just wasn’t expecting that many people to be catching the early 7 am flights. When I thought about it and it makes sense, the earlier you leave the earlier you get to your destination.

The flight to Santorini took 2 ½ hours and a one-way ticket on average costs around £ 120 unless you can get a special deal.

When you get to Santorini, the airport is very small and getting your luggage is quick. If you haven’t booked a transfer to your hotel there are taxis that sit outside the airport but there aren’t many so if you aren’t the first of few people to get one as soon as you step out, you would have to wait for the taxi to get back.

We booked a transfer where a private car/coach is ready with your name and picks and drops you to the hotel. It cost €20 euro per person and an average taxi costs €40 euros, so you can do the maths and see what’s the most cost effective mode of transport for you.

Next post will be on the general costs and the top 10 things to do in Santorini.

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  • Yvonne
    August 15, 2017

    Hi! Will you be posting any vlogs? Would love to see some.

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