Minimal Glam Make-Up

About a month ago, I had a very clumsy accident that involved my stupidity of trying to hammer a nail into the wall without safety glasses. I guess I just never thought of protecting myself before. This resulted in the flat side of the nail hitting my eye!

Yes I know this isn’t the ideal beginning of an article that’s advising you on how you can achieve your next minimum glam look.

However that is what lead to my creative makeup routines. I will be fine but just need to avoid any mascara or eyeliner for the next month.

As you can imagine, for a fashion blogger I thought this was going to be impossible! I then stuck to a daily minimum foundation routine and started falling in love with a colourful eyeshadow look that of course suites my skin tone. I then lightly blend a but in my eye lid and follow this with a dark eyebrow and highlighted cheek.

If you want a more natural look I would keep the lipstick to natural colours or a simple gloss as shown below. I used this to go out and not feel hindered by my situation and hope this look may inspire your next makeup routine.









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