Modern-Day Barbie



I can remember the day my mom bought me my very first Barbie doll. It was a special day back then (oh gosh when I hear myself say “back then” makes me feel so old) there wasnt as many options for Barbies as there are now. Never the less I used to love making them up and dressing them in different outfits, like most girls I guess.

The phrase that you look like a Barbie always leaves me confused, I always wanted to know if it meant I look fake, or perfect or just overdone? The  bodycon dress has brought back memories for me of the Barbie dolls in their bodycon dresses and how perfect they looked. With girls now adding their own twist to the  style and making it more modern and fun, a lot of fabulous girls are now rocking the modern-day Barbie look.

I love the vibrance in today’s shoot as it just makes a statement, the model clearly illustrates confidence and fun and simply rocks this look. I always say you need to dress for your body type and that is always important. The bodycon dress can create different looks with different body types. For more curvy girls its easy to show a bit too much in these dresses,I hate saying this but I’m curvy and I just know there is a very thin line in some bodycon dresses that can either make me look elegant when its 3/4 length or just a bit too sexy when its short. Its something we have to accept, there are some dresses that do the same to thinner girls than curvy girls and vice versa. Anyway back to the point, as a curvy girl I would suggest that if you’re looking for a day look, combining this look with a flowing trench to compliment the tight fit dress with strappy heels or wedges is a recipe for perfection.

Bianca is an Adelaide fashion designer and today’s model and I would like to thank her for letting me shoot her for today’s post. I hope today’s look inspires all the gorgeous girls out there to rock a body con dress this week and just pair it up to best suit you and become a fabulous modern-day Barbie.

Todays look:

Dress: Forever New

Shoes: Steve Madden

Handbag: Strandbags

Gold Belt: Vintage store on Gouger Street








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