Never Give Up


With the wave of Dj Khaled followers on Snapchat, getting their daily motivational advice on the keys to success, I thought it’s about time I express my appreciation for his positive energy and his encouragement to all those people who follow him.

If you are not on Snapchat or haven’t watched his videos, a quick summary is that he simply gives advice to all those of you that may be faced with haters and people in your life that are just waiting for you to fail.

I am a firm believer of positive energy and working hard for what you want in life.

However as you rise within your profession or you start to see the results of all the hard work you put in, come the haters and negative energy from those that want to see you go under. It is a sad reality, but people will always talk about you and even more so, when you rise and start to become acknowledged for your work.

I just want to re-emphasize his message and remind  you all that no matter what, don’t let other people’s negative energy sway you or affect your progress! I always tell my friends to put their race horse blinders on, which is simply to block all those around you from scaring you and just concentrate on the road ahead.




Be aware of those you surround yourself with! Do your friends motivate you? Do they encourage you ?Do they make you aim even higher? Or do they put you down when you talk about your dreams and aspirations?

Never give up! remind yourself, why you are doing what you’re doing every day! Thank God for all that you have because there is so much in life to be grateful for and then start your day with your blinders.

I have had to learn to be stronger and just keep going and I won’t stop being myself for anyone! If that means changing my hair everyday or my updating my look or trying new things to get my La Elegant and Pendaroma brand growing. Remember to stay focused and surround yourself with positivity and NEVER GIVE UP!

Todays Look:

Pants: ZARA

Hat: La Elegant

Hair: Pendaroma Hair Store (Email me for orders) 









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