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With so much happening in Nairobi, I can be difficult to pick an event to check out over the weekend.

When you scroll through your Instagram or Facebook accounts, you’ll quickly notice that we get adverts recommending pretty much everything!

From what products to buy, to what lifestyle they think you should be living. In fact my personal recommendation is that if you’re trying to avoid people knowing where you are, I wouldn’t RSVP to events on Facebook. If your not aware of this yet, if you confirm your attendance to an event on social media all your friends can see your planning on going! (or at least seem interested in going). Hence if your trying to do things as they say “chini ya maji” this wouldn’t be the best idea…

Sorry I’m side tracking, back to the topic of chocolate…

What I’m trying to say in very many words, is that due to the power of social media, I found out about the Chocolate Festival event at Dust D2 Hotel (and yes I am admitting that social media worked on me) thanks to a notification that one of my friends on Facebook was planning on attending the event).

11th February 2017

I showed up with a close friend @ChefCindyUgi who walked me through the nights exotic delicacies (explaining what all the fancy words that I couldn”t understand from the top chef’s attending the event actually meant).

Some of you maybe wondering, whats the damage to the bank account if you attended the festival?

It was 1000 KSH to get 4 pieces of gourmet chocolate deserts on your plate, all made by the world knownΒ executive chef Anton Gasnier, of Dusit D2 Nairobi.

I know you might be thinking… WHAT???! But this isn’t a chocolate bar of Cadbury’s (not to sound snobbish because I LOVE Cadbury’s chocolates) but the chocolate was made from scratch (tempering as they call it), and to top that off the mixture of flavours and fresh fruit were in my opinion, worth the money.

I not only got to take pleasure in a genius of a chefs creations but the ambiance was relaxing and I can’t wait to attend the next event.

However on a side note, it was a very romantic set up so maybe next time I will try take a date just because it would be a shame to go again knowing how cute it could be with a special someone.

So the next time you feel like trying something new and the chocolate festival event reminder pops up on your social media pages, don’t be afraid of trying it out.





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