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Older = Wiser?

By Posted on 0 3 m read

I know I don’t normally talk about relationships on the blog, but as my 25th birthday has recently come and gone, I feel like I owe it to my readers to share a bite on my knowledge so far on the male/female psyche.

This isn’t to say that I’m in any way an expert but with age (oh God I’ve become old and think I’m wiser now), I’ve had experiences that have shown/tought me a few things here and there.

Ok, all my catch-ups with my single girl/guy friends always almost somehow end up resulting in the topic of “fuck boys/fuck girls” .

For those of you that are just catching up with todays ‘lingo’, a “Fuck Boy/Girl” is a man/woman who presents themselves as very charming, confident and normally very smooth when they chat you up.

You can feel like the only person in the room!

Whats wrong with that?!

It’s magical for the night, but they normally extend it to fake promises about themselves, so lying about how he/she will normally go on to emphasise that they want a relationship or how they can see themselves with you and a family…

Just to then find out that you’re not the only one they say this to and its just their way of getting women/men.

I’m all for the flirting and the butterfly feeling you get when your attracted to someone, but what ever happened to simple honesty?

I don’t need to then get messages from you for the next 2 weeks with this fake life you imagine us living…

We could have just kept it harmless by simply flirting then he/she can then admit that they aren’t looking for  something serious and we can move on or stay but at least we would know what we have gotten ourselves into and you don’t get your tires slashed at the end of the evening.

So girls/guys here are a few pointers;

  1. Everyone likes to quote Steve Harvey and think that the longer they hold off from having sex and if the guy waits then he must be serious… umm this doesn’t always work, men and women love the chase so yes you keep them interested but once they get the cookie… they don’t necessarily stay and put a ring on it so we need to stop thinking its a big game to get the guy/girl.
  2. Honesty is the best policy lies catch up with you and we all know Nairobi is way to small to keep things hidden so don’t put yourself in that position
  3. The Lemon Law is a thing, conceived by Barney (How I met your mother- series) to avoid spending too long on a date that is going nowhere. The Lemon Law entitles a person to call off the date within the first five minutes with no repercussions. I normally use this when I first meet someone rather than on the actual date, so you would generally know within the first 5-10 minutes if you like someone or are interested, if you aren’t just say hey I don’t want to waste your time, see you around.
  4. Stop playing games its a waste of time and can actually end up pushing the other person away.


If we all just keep it simple and say what’s on our minds we can actually start finding and working on building stronger relationships.

Please comment below if you have any advice you would like to share or have an opinion on the piece.


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