Planning the Perfect Girls Day Out


Every now and again, planning a girls day out is a must! Like anything in life, maintaining friendships requires work. I say this because like any type of relationship, meeting the person is normally the easy part, its keeping them that can be difficult.

With work consuming your life and when you finally have some free time, you might opt to get a few errands you never have time to do during the week. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but numerous times I would fall into the habit of work, gym, errands and forget that I need to make the effort to see my friends here and there.

If you’re not the type that likes to go out at night (clubbing may sometimes seem to be the only way of catching up with friends) planning a girls day out can be the best alternative for a proper catch up.

There are different ways you could approach this:


  • Dare Day: Take turns daring each other to do things you know they normally wouldn’t do. Ok I’m not asking you to get them to get a tramp stamp and shave their hair off! But maybe ask her to flirt with the cute bartender or hottie across the room? There are a tone of ways you guys can have fun with this but again there are boundaries so don’t go crazy.
  • Host a game day: depending on your friends interests, game days can be a load of fun ranging from Monopoly to Charades, it’s simply different to what you would normally do with your girls which can be a good thing.
  • Host a Moviethon/ Series Marathon: preparing popcorn and other fun snacks while watching your favorite movies/series can be super relaxed and just perfect for a less intense day.
  • Taking a bartending class or cooking class: Messing around and learning something new can be the best experience with your girls and create the best memories.





  • Food: can be a major part of people getting together, there is just so much you can plan around food, for example; cooking together, making tapas and going for a picnic and just catching up and much, much more! If your girls are foodies than definitely plan something that they can get hands on with to make it more engaging.





  • Shopping Spree: If you’re anything like me and some of my girls we love to shop till we drop! trying on different looks and just having fun with fashion is what I normally love to do with some of my besties and for today’s post I was with the gorgeous Jasmin Holly as we wine and dined before going store to store shopping and just catching up. I would like to thank her for sharing her simply elegant look for todays post.

Jasmin’s Look: 

Dress: Forever 21

Necklace Accessories: Mimco

Handbag: Witchery

Shoes: RMK

Sunglasses: Bvlagari



















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