Is QSilica the ultimate beauty secret?


Its no secret that alot of us ladies are always looking for that secret remedy to enhance our features, some naturally while others opt for other more severe forms. I have always admired healthy hair and skin and in my search for the ultimate hair growth, skin rejuvenation and nail health vitamin, with alot of vitamins sold promising to improve all three elements, I came across the QSilica range.

At the time I had absolutely no idea what I was looking to get when I popped into the chemist looking for vitamins. I have tried a few including:

Swiss Hair Skin and Nails vitamin



Hairfinity (hair growth supplement) 





I researched both supplements before hand, but unfortunately it just didn’t give me the results I was hoping to get, for instance, I didnt have major hair growth as portrayed on most instagram before and after result pictures I found, and having celebrities indicate they were Hairfinity or Swisse users, gave me even more reason to try the product. This is just from my personal experience, I just didn’t see the results in comparison to other people.

However with QSilica, I have not only noticed my face clearing up, I simply feel healthier. I then decided to research the benefits of the mineral and was astonished with how much came up on the number of health benefits.

Silica may be of great value when the skin begins to sag which obviously makes us look prematurely aged. One of the biggest components of collagen is actually silica. Since collagen is the connective tissue that makes up most of our skin, it is not difficult to realise the importance of adequate silica levels within our bodies.  Having sufficient and well toned collagen will make our skin look soft and young which in turn helps with suppleness and an increased capability of being moisturised.

Whenever collagen is damaged in skin, and incidentally this is occurring all the time due to free radical damage, silica is required to take care of this by rebuilding and regenerating this connective tissue.  Incidentally, silica is also an excellent supplement in combating mild to moderate acne.  It does so by firstly enhancing collagen production which ensures healthy outer cell layers of the skin which are less likely to get inflamed from the hormonal waste that is connected with acne.  Additionally, silica supplementation is great for the removal of toxins which arise as a result of digestion. These toxins normally seep into the bloodstream and cause inflammation leading to acne and dull lifeless skin!

Silica is a vital mineral when you are shedding your hair excessively leading to hair loss and it also helps both women and men for lack lustre and thinning hair.  It is important to understand how silica works to achieve healthy looking vitalised hair.

Silica’s role for hair health appears to be two-fold.  Firstly, as mentioned above, silica helps to achieve hormonal balance.  An imbalance in the female sex hormones is one of the biggest single causal factors for hair loss and the thinning of hair.  An intake of silica will most definitely help to prevent hair thinning, restore vitality to hair and may even address hair loss without the need for hormone mimicking herbs. This property is particularly suitable for those with cell mutation associated with excess oestrogen.

Secondly, silica bonds with many minerals in the body as mentioned above. Aside from removing aluminium from the body, silica takes many nutrients to the peripherals of the body, namely the hair, skin and nails, and thus ensures that the hair follicles are supplied with all the vital minerals necessary for hair growth and vitality.

Your nails are one of the hallmarks of beauty in modern culture.  If you are not happy with the state of your nails, whether they are brittle, have spots on them, ridges or simply are not happy with the way they look, then silica supplementation may be beneficial .  As mentioned above, silica takes all the nutrients to the nails helping not only to impart strength but also feeds the nail bed with all the vital nutrients for encouraging healthy and strong nails.

Aside from its role in hair, skin and nails, silica’s much wider role throughout the body means that we really have to ensure that we do not have a deficiency in this important mineral.   Silica is found in numerous vegetables and fruits and very little research has been carried out as to the possible deficiencies that exist in the general population though it is generally accepted that with silica’s wide role of activity, deficiencies are more than likely. 

I will update you all in the upcoming weeks on this product and let you all know how it works for me in these 3 main beauty areas.

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