Quirky Melbourne


I am no stranger to Melbourne, don’t get me wrong, I am no local so I am always learning about new places etc. every time I’m here for a weekend, but I know enough to give some advice to those who are considering hopping on a plane heading this way.

First things first, it is very expensive to take a taxi from the airport to the city ($70-$90) just because the airport is quite far away, I therefore choose to take the airport shuttle bus that only costs $18 one way (for an adult) and drops you straight into the city and then offers free hotel transfers once you arrive at the southern cross station.

Melbourne’s weather can be easily compared to London, in other words unpredictable! so I would advice to carry a small umbrella to save you from the bursts of rain (during autumn, winter and spring).

Melbourne has free tram transport services within the city that I love using, because its quick and gets you to pretty much any part of the city.

Now on to the good stuff! shopping here never disappoints! Bourke Street, Collins St, Collins Place and Lonsdale Street are pretty much the central of all shopping as well as eating options (huge range of authentic restaurant’s offering cuisine from around the world). I highly recommend having a stroll through the city and checking it out for yourself.

Night life is a whole other game, you could be walking down a random small alley and voila! a small door that leads to a basement alternative pub packed to the door!? I have had some of my best and memorable nights in a random alley way bar and as soon as you want to find it again, its near impossible (one of the many quirks of the many side streets here).

If you’re not into the party scene, not to worry there are so many options for city view romantic restaurants to keep you busy! or taking a full day wine tour of the Yarra valley, sipping on the best wine Melbourne has to offer as well as being known for internationally! so there really isn’t a reason to not find what best suites your holiday needs.

If you can’t already tell, I would highly recommend you to visit this remarkable city! There is simply not enough words to explain how different and amazing Melbourne is so make the effort of checking it out the next time you have a chance!


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