Rain, Rain Go Away?!


Unfortunately there is no controlling the winter weather with all the rain and gloomy days ahead! Landing in Melbourne with a blast of cold air was a quick awakening to the weekend weather ahead.

I have spoken to different people and I’m quick to admit I do have the dreaded travel bug…and just in case this is just something I seem to say, it’s not a creepy crawly, it’s just that feeling you get to always want to travel! I enjoy it and I’ve become very skilled in the packing process.

I thought why not reveal my easy to do packing tricks for places that you may be about to visit and are not currently having the ideal summer weather but quite the opposite. If you like watching any of the life hacker YouTube clips then you might already know this but I literally use each trick when packing!

In terms of my fashion pieces, I always go for pieces that are timeless and can be worn with different other outfits to create a whole new look each time. That way, you don’t go over your allowed baggage allowance. During my wine tour to the Yarra valley down at Victoria, I chose a classic black leather jacket that I can wear day or night dress up for a party look later on or to up style a casual pair of jeans.

It’s all about being smart with your clothes, for example some boots that you can choose to wear day or night again you could choose to mix them with a dress or pair of jeans? That way your not restricted with what to wear it you couldn’t very much to your destination. Hopefully this might help anyone out there stuck on how they can pack for their next exciting adventure.

Today’s looks:

Leather jacket: Bardot

Top: Maxim

Jeans: Cotton On

Hand bag: Michael Kors

Boots: Betts Shoes






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