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What to expect in Hahndorf, South Australia

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Just an hour away from the beaches and the city life of Adelaide South Australia, you will arrive in Hahndorf, a quaint little German town.

You maybe asking yourself, a German town in South Australia? Well I won’t go into a full history lesson right now but long story short,  German immigrants that were fleeing prosecution by the King of Prussia were offered refuge in South Australia (as a result; the first boat of German immigrants arrived at port Adelaide in 1938) and were offered Hahndorf as their settlement base. For more information read more check out; .

If you are traveling around Australia and end up in Adelaide, I would highly recommend a drive up the hills not only to enjoy the scenery but once you arrive in Hahndorf, you will quickly notice the German influence in the architecture and enjoy a range of stores that you wouldn’t normally get to see in the city.

If you visit Hahndorf this is what you should expect to see;

Vintage shops everywhere! (clothing and antiques)

Gourmet candy shops/factories

Little desert cafe’s


Strawberry farms (you can all go strawberry picking)

German bars and restaurants (the best place to get a pork knuckle the size of your face–pictures below)

You will definitely come back with a few rare items that you wouldn’t normally find plus an experience I couldn’t compare to another (despite my travels through Europe).

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