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Review: Afro Pop Festival Kenya Featuring Omarion

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Ever since the Chris Brown concert in Mombasa last year, it seems like the flood gates for international artists have opened up!

Your Facebook event calendar is probably full of events from Wiz Kid to Jidenna.

Most recently I attended the Afropop event that plastered Omarion as their headlining act. For most of the 80’s to 90’s babies, this was a very exciting moment as a flashback of songs rushed into our heads.

Long story short I attended the event with my bestie on VIP tickets since we both loved him since we were kids so of course we had to go!

Ok, I’m not going to be biased when reviewing events, so here goes nothing;


  • We received 1 free Hennessy bottle on arrival.
  • We enjoyed beautiful leather seats to chill on throughout the event (that’s if you were early enough to get a seat).
  • A range of vendors for everyone to be catered to outside helped reduce lines.
  • Quick bar service


  • Anyone that seemed to have a decent camera had a media pass which basically gave them full access to the VIP section, (makes me think I should have tried pulling the blogger card to get some tickets). Also meant a lot of people that weren’t actual media got into VIP and it got real shady real quick! I only say this because my bestie phone got stolen right out of her purse!
  • Security were incredibly rude! some friends of mine asked for the toilet and they started pushing them away and directed them to the ones outside when VIP had another section of toilets?! (and just to add, these were people that actually paid for the VIP experience).
  • Omarion basically performed 5 songs and left! He spent what seemed like the same amount of time the pre-acts spent on stage!
  • I loved most of the local acts but a duo right after barakjacuzzzi basically came on stage unprepared and I couldn’t remember hearing anyone clap for them? When they finally put us out of our agony of watching them stumble onto the stage and belt out something that seemed like a song/rap? (I think a pre-show trial before an organisation like Afropop pivk acts that don’t know what they are doing might help for next time?)
Fashion Do’s that I could capture:

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Fashion DONT’S That I sadly captured:

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