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Review: Fashion High Tea 2017

By Posted on 0 3 m read

I have never given a review of Fashion High Tea before but I figured it’s about time I shared my own personal experience.

If you haven’t been to Fashion High Tea then here is some insight into the full day event.

Firstly, I know it’s a nightmare if you go out and find a girl in the same outfit as you! But normally you can brush it off and still enjoy yourself. Fashion High Tea is just not one of those events that you can pull that off. It may seem dramatic but it’s the truth!

You are there to showcase your love for fashion and literally all Media houses attend this event so you don’t want to end up on a “how not to” dress for the event OR a whoops they wore the same dress!


A ticket costs 6,500 KSH… Ok, I know what you’re thinking but it includes the following;

  1. Open Bar!
  2. Free Food!

Need I say more?


If you’re not a drinker, then I really don’t think its worth it for you. I’m sorry to be that guy but it’s the truth! Everyone I spoke to would seem to always emphasize that they attend the event purely for the atmosphere of mingling with other fellow fashion lovers, see what creations or outfits will be showcased by those that attend and lastly but most importantly the open bar/food!

At any event it’s all a matter of getting your moneys worth, if all the other factors excluding the open bar do it for you then that’s perfect!

The actual Runway event normally takes place later on in the day (around 4-5PM).

However this year, I noticed a lot of people preferred to stay outside by the bar than actually watch the runway show. I asked a few around me, why? They simply responded, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.

I asked myself what does it take to get people interested in the runway?

I can’t speak for them but this is the second time I watched the runway show and I can understand what they meant. There is a very dominant asian fashion inspired presence… mixed with a handful of african designers and at one point there was just an eye wear runway show and another showcasing scarfs?!

Where was the excitement of new designers and new modern contemporary pieces that challenge us and how we dress?

Umm are we lacking designers to the point we watched just a scarf runway show?

I think there are plenty of other designers that could have been included in the event that could have showcased; western fashion or more afro-western fashion pieces. The just eye wear show could have been mixed with other designers that could use eye wear to present the full look of some of their pieces.

Lets just say that it didn’t represent all areas of fashion that dominate the Nairobi fashion scene, so I could understand that for those that couldn’t relate to the fashion designers pieces, the open bar was more appealing.

To end this post on a good note, everything else in my opinion was completely worth it! I enjoyed the amazing food, (especially sushi) open bar (if I didn’t say that enough times) and the amazing company and new people you get to meet. So in that regard, the event was a hit in my opinion.

Comment below if you would like to share a different view on the event or have any more questions.



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