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Splash Of Colour In An Already Colourful Town #Vietnaminspiration

By Posted on 3 1 m read


Its my last night in Vietnam and I got inspired to hit the town and what better to use then the city as my fashion inspiration. The beautiful lights and colours that shine bright are breathtaking and to match the city last night I decided to

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Vietnam Day 3: Amazing Tea Bar Restaurant

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Day 3 is here and I had a mixture of amazing experiences, I firstly am a huge lover of tea and cameΒ a tea restaurant bar that feels like a completely different world! I might have looked like an idiot gasping at how amazing this place was but it was one of those unavoidable situations. …

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Vietnam Day 2: Shopping Experience

By Posted on 0 2 m read


My second day here in Vietnam has been quite the adventure, I did what I know best and that’s shop, shop, shop. I met so many people that kept telling me that I must check out the markets in District 1 mainly Saigon Square and theΒ Ben Thanh Markets. I had to …

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Vietnam Day 1

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Hi Lovies,

Ok so random but I’m in VIETNAM!!! YAY! I love to travel as you might soon find out from the future posts I plan to put up for you all. For anyone who might be thinking about travelling to Vietnam, I can give you some someΒ what helpful tips? it is …

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