Take Me Down To The Ball Game..


Sports not only unites people all around the world but inspires the fashion world constantly. From oversized shirts to hats, its hard to go a day through the city and not spot a team logo on a piece of at least one persons clothing.

I know I personally own a number of oversized basketball and baseball shirts. Not that I even follow most of the teams I just really loved the look. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching sports but I don’t follow everyone plus it doesn’t stop me from loving the shirts.

They just create such a relaxed look that can help you still look stylish on a lazy day (yes I love fashion but everyone has a lazy day when you just don’t seem to know what to put together).

I chose to concentrate on baseball for todays sports inspired look based on the oversized chiffon shirt from Maxim that inspired my entire outfit. It just shows you that sometimes you just need to find one piece that you love and you know you must wear for the day and the rest just comes together.

Don’t be afraid to get sporty with your fashion choices ladies, it can a fun relaxed look that you might just be looking for your next weekend or casual get together.


Todays Look:

Blouse: Maxim

Tank Top: Woolworths KE

Skirt: Portmans

Shoes: Jo Mercer






















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