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En Route: The Residence Zanzibar

I almost couldn’t sleep the night before my flight, which was strange to me, considering that one of my proud talents is the art of sleep (literally one of those people that can sleep on command).

I guess I blamed it on the fact that for almost 5 years, I would keep telling myself that I was going to save enough money to go to Zanzibar and I know alot of you might be thinking, well Stef its Kenya’s neighbour, what took you so long?

I guess it was the fact that overtime I looked up tickets and saw how expensive it would be! A return ticket would cost around 65,000-80,000 Ksh from Nairobi! I always compared it to travelling toDubai and couldn’t justify flying so close for the same price as going to another continent!

Thanks to the world of competitiveness, Fly 540 has given us a beacon of hope! We can now finally fly to Zanzibar, and for half the previous price!

As I finally woke up at 6:30 am and started making my way through the Nairobi CBD traffic heading to the airport, I boarded the small aircraft and landed in Mombasa (I know you’re all wondering why Mombasa, but don’t worry I’m about to explain just hold on…).

I guess the way it makes it economical for the airline to have a full plane from Nairobi to Mombasa (a very popular route) then drop literally 3 quarters of the plane and pick up another boat load of people and then head from Mombasa to Zanzibar.

This stop over only took 45 mins of my life and to be honest if thats what  it means for the flights to be cheaper than continue the fine work there at FLY 540!

Upon landing at the Zanzibar airport, I only had to fill out ONE form (yay! finally a benefit to the Kenyan passport!) and voila I was officially ready for a holiday.

Just a warning to everyone, there are no baggage carousels at the Zanzibar International airport so you may find people with your bags and you just have to show them which one is yours. Once you leave the terminal I wouldn’t let the “official baggage porters” (in yellow vests) or anyone take your bag as they want a tip to drag your bag a whole 10 metres.

I was then picked up by the friendliest chauffeur that went ahead to explain fun facts about the island as we began our upcoming 1 hour drive to the Residence Resort.

At first I was thinking where are we going? why is it so far? etc.

But as we arrived, I can fully understand why it is so secluded!
The privacy and exclusivity is worth it! Met on arrival with a refreshing watermelon juice and cold towel, I then began to get into holiday mode. Each villa has its own private pool! (yes I didn’t stutter) as well as all the luxuries of a 5 star resort… (indoor and outdoor shower, living room and secluded private bathtub, you get the point).

I just want to live here for the rest of my days haha

I had to show you all a glimpse of what I think is paradise in Zanzibar and I will post more fun facts and experiences later on this week.

Ciao xoxo













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