Tips: Save & Travel More!

I’m so sorry for the overly delayed posts that I promised a lot my readers. I will definitely make it up to you all with new and exciting information I plan on unveiling this month including quite a few #HOWTO Youtube clips.

Ok here goes nothing; I’ll start my official post back by answering a question that I get asked a lot via email.

How do I get to travel as often as I do?

Well, I’ll start by saying I don’t have a sponsor out there that I’m hiding, that’s for sure! I’m just lucky enough to own my own business which consists of my blog, styling and owning a clothing store, therefore I work hard but it’s worth it when I get to enjoy travelling to new and exciting places.

Anyway, my tip is simple, I have always lived by budgets, since my casual jobs all through University I literally lived by my budget sheets! I then got to go on holidays every year thanks to the constant planning and assigning of funds.

However, my number 1 tip on how you can save money to travel or if your new to the concept of assigning your salary to different expenses, I would recommend a few timeless techniques:


Buy a couple of envelopes and split them into your different expense categories e.g. food, clubbing, clothes, petrol etc… Then out of your pay, assign yourself 60% of your pay to expenses and immediately take it out of your nearest Bank/ATM and then assign the money into your different envelopes. Follow this by transferring the remaining 40% into a savings account that you can’t withdraw from, for 3-6 months (so you can only deposit money each pay cycle until your ready to use your savings on something you want in a couple of months).

If I’m planning for another holiday I split my pay 40% expenses, 40% general savings and 20% travel savings.

The key trick is making sure you stick to this routine, or set up an automatic transfer schedule into your untouchable savings account each pay cycle and you definitely can’t touch it, then you can only spend the money you have in your envelopes for the rest of the month.

In fact you might find that you don’t even use it all and can add it onto your 40% savings account.


Another trick that my friends and I started last year was simple, we planned a trip together, the travel agent advised us how much we would need to book it and each month we transferred money to the travel agent under the account #EUROPE2016TRIP and in a couple of months it all accrued to pay for it all and we had another 4 months before our trip to save up spending money (which I would then recommend the envelope technique).


Don’t ever be scared to go into your local branch and speak to a consultant that can help you manage your funds. They can then go through the different options that they can offer you in terms of different savings accounts or automatic procedures they can perform every time you deposit money into that account.


I hope this doesn’t seem daunting to any of you, I would recommend you simply try it for 2-3 months and you would be surprised with how much you can save by simply getting more organised with your funds.


Also maybe start a dream holiday board and keep yourself motivated




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  1. I am so starting it I previously thought your blog was all feminine and stuff but I am so loving it and I’m soo keeping myself updated with your blog………??????????

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