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Stefani Roma- Pendaroma Blogger
Stefani Roma- Pendaroma Blogger

Long gone are the days of good hair and bad hair labels! Growing up in Nairobi, Kenya, being half Kenyan and a lot of maths involved with the other half (combination european and middle eastern), I grew up watching a lot of American TV shows, movies, cartoons etc and as a result I had a picture in my head of what beautiful hair was (princess like straight western hair). We all know the saying the grass is always greener on the other side, so I unfortunately grew up hating my curly hair. At the time the most popular trend was the option of chemically straightening your hair. In year 5 like most of the girls in my class I begged and pleaded my mum to get my hair ‘relaxed’ as they say and with the lack of information back then (no Pinterest, Google sites that showcase ‘how to’ advice and tutorials of how to take care of african natural hair) it was just an easier option than the maintenance of thick curly hair.

As the years past, I loved my straight hair, however moving to Australia was a big reality check for me. No more cheap salons that know exactly what you want, or what retouching is, therefore I opted for the home hair packet salon. This actually worked quite well for a while but getting more into the blogging world and all the information out there with Instagram and Pinterest and all the how to tutorials on Youtube, I realised the damage I had done to my hair through the years.

It of course helped having friends here that were in the all natural hair movement, so it wasn’t too hard to decide to get my natural locks back. This however is a lot easier said then done, the transition process is hard stuff!! I wasn’t strong enough to cut all my hair off and start again, so I opted for the weave and braid option (protective styles) where your hair is growing naturally underneath and you still have the appearance your used to.

I am 8 months into my transition and I am looking to have a grand reveal in the next few months, and can’t wait! all my relaxed hair has cut off and my natural hair is on the rise.

Out of my experience, I can’t say I regret this part of my life, on the contrary I am happy I went through this to simply realise that I love what I have and why should you be ashamed of what you have naturally!? I don’t know if it’s the getting older experience of knowing who you are as a person and being more comfortable with rocking your look but I do know that no one should ever be ashamed of what you have naturally, I would love to encourage anyone out there to just rock it being a fabulous you!

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