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Vietnam Day 1

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Hi Lovies,

Ok so random but I’m in VIETNAM!!! YAY! I love to travel as you might soon find out from the future posts I plan to put up for you all. For anyone who might be thinking about travelling to Vietnam, I can give you some someΒ what helpful tips? it is my second time here and I am no expert but I have experienced certain things that could possibly help you when planning your trip.




Ok so firstly I am in Ho Chi Minh City and its a concrete jungle, its not your island rice field setting that you expect when you visit Vietnam (I only say this becasue most people have asked me this). If you are looking for the beautiful natural scenery then I would strongly suggest you look into going to Hoi An, which is a beautiful coastal city and a lot more relaxed than Ho Chi Minh.Β CB851DA2-90AF-4D25-A9DF-8A204CAD0517108E9CA3-BC8A-4489-B1BC-2A60644A7DEE



I am here for the shopping and OMG yes its the best! firstly its so cheap compared to most places I’ve travelled to, for instance I don’t know how much coffee is in your country but I normally pay $4 in Australia and its $1 (in what is considered an up market coffee shop here), so need I say that your money goes a long way here.

EBF387D2-4099-4619-8F43-BE02B495BCC7FB7C57B0-B130-4206-B045-58D92C3EAEF1The only warnings I would give anyone, would be the transport situation, I felt like I would be a true local and hop in the back of a scooter (which is the main way to get around) and quickly became aware of some that aim to push foreigners bikes over so that they can then steal your bags etc. so keep your stuff close and just be aware of your surroundings. If you then decide to take a taxi around, make sure its the official VINASUN, I had a very scary experience with a random taxi man stopping when we had arrived and trying to grab my wallet to “show me” how much I needed to pay him! so yeah again not that I really need to say this but just be aware of this.

Other than that, its a humid country and the people are amazing! so I know you will fall in love with it here as much as I have πŸ™‚ xoxo


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