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Vietnam Day 2: Shopping Experience

By Posted on 0 2 m read


My second day here in Vietnam has been quite the adventure, I did what I know best and that’s shop, shop, shop. I met so many people that kept telling me that I must check out the markets in District 1 mainly Saigon Square and theΒ Ben Thanh Markets. I had to see it for myself and I just have to say WOW! Ok, so there is a huge difference between the two, Saigon Square is based in a mall type setting with small stalls everywhere selling everything! from clothes (men, women and children) to electronics. I must let you know that there are very many fake products out there and the best thing is that if you do ask the person at the stall they will confirm the goods are copies, so if your into that type of thing, it is the perfect place for you. I must admit they do have amazing copies of products I bought for 7 times the price (kinda feel ripped off).



The Ben Thanh Markets on the other hand have everything from herbs ,coffee, souvenirs, clothing and much much more. I bought some local rose tea that is supposed to be amazing for your skin? I’ll let you all know once I start guzzling it down to see some kind of change? (crossing fingers I wake up with amazing skin! haha). It isn’t as clean and neatly set up as Saigon Square so just letting you know in case your into that type of thing and you’re in Ho Chi Minh visiting.IMG_1035

The other more up market part of the city has all your normal designer brands and I found them a lot cheaper than other countries I have been to so I did take advantage of that so again if your looking to go brand shopping there is a wide selection to choose from and you will get more for your money here. πŸ™‚IMG_0978


Either way any shopping experience you pick, I can confidently say I loved the people I met plus I found very uniqueΒ little pieces that I will hold precious so I would highly recommend a visit to the markets or department stores here. xoxo


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