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Vietnam: Day 4 Exploration

By Posted on 1 2 m read

Ok so Day 4 is here and I decided to explore the Mekong delta, it’s a two hour drive from the concrete jungle of Ho Chi Minh city but completely worth it! I got the day tour for $25USD but first got quoted $90USD so just be aware to never go with the first price you see unless you can’t be bothered bargaining or looking around. I got picked up with the group at 9 am and the tour goes for the whole day. It was hot as hell, well maybe just for me because a full head of heavy braids might not have been the best idea for a humid hot season here…

Anyway, the package included, a visit to a honey farm that makes amazing honey based products including facial creams with royal jelly (that is supposed to be amazing for your skin), a random stop over to get a picture with a snake but hell no was I going to place a huge python on my neck just tempting it to grab on so I stood there taking photos of the amazing woman who owned the snake. We then proceeded to a mini horse (size of a donkey) that pulled us to the traditional Vietnamese singing stage (local girls singing to raise money for their performance arts institute).I personally felt so bad for the poor mini horse having to push us like that.. if I knew in advance probably wouldn’t have opted for it. The singing was quite cute but the highlight I must say was the canoe ride through the Mekong Delta with beautiful banana trees reaching from every corner over the river creating a tunnel effect.

Another escape in case if your not into the traditional rice field, day tour thing would be a visit to one of the oldest zoos in the world and located conveniently in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City (District 1 is the main tourist area). I have visited quite a few zoos from Melbourne to Thailand and I have to say that this goes on my top 5 zoo visits, the animals are so much closer than normal and elephants walking around and hanging out? Plus it only cost $2USD to get in? Yeah I was shocked how cheap it was too and again that is just another option of must do things I would recommend here.

The whole day was just so different to the constant shopping and trying not to get hit by a scooter feeling in the city and I would highly recommend it if you are ever visiting Ho Chi Minh.


Mekong Delta Tour:







Ho Chi Minh Zoo:





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