Who Should Pay On The First Date?!

I’ve had quite a number of conversations with men and women on the topic “who do you think should pay for the first date”?  The only thing that is very clear is that men and women have very different ways of approaching this question.

I can only give you my perception on the matter so feel free to comment below if you have another way you usually approach this. Ok so here goes nothing; your crush has been hitting you up constantly! Trying to ask you out, but you’ve been playing it cool but between me and you, you are secretly jumping up and down and re-reading his messages to your girlfriends. Once you put him out of his misery and finally say yes, the date is now real and soon..

The night finally arrives and here comes the day of judgement, where will he take me? Will I get along with him? Should I ask one of my friends to call me 10 minutes into the date incase I need an excuse to run out of there? Talk about pressure!! I know I can only speak for myself, but I usually start thinking … What if I get food stuck in my teeth and he is too polite to tell me and AFTER a 1 hour conversation I only find out after a quick visit to the bathroom! CRINGE!

If you manage to get through the date with no embarrassing moments, then I would say you are winning! You think ok everything has gone well so far?… I say don’t get excited! The arrival of the check can spark a showdown! So what type of person are you? Should he pay? If he asked you to split it, does this mean you wouldn’t go on another date? What if he says he ‘forgot his wallet at home” does this change your view of him despite just having an amazing time together? Do you believe that the person who asked the other out should be the one to pay the bill?

You see, its not the easiest question. In order to tackle this dilemma, I recently had a poll on Instagram to get a healthy discussion on the topic going (check out the funny videos and results below).

Through direct messages, I got a lot of people tell me it would depend on who asked the other person out. I did find it refreshing to see how many people opted for the split bill option (poll results; 46% would split the bill, 54% wouldn’t dare). I then asked a lot of older people around me and of course the answer was “why are you asking silly questions, obviously the man!”. With a much younger following on Instagram, it showed me that we are definitely changing the dating dynamic, the only question is, whether your date is on the same mental wave length as you, which I guess would determine how you move forward.




2 thoughts on “Who Should Pay On The First Date?!

  1. @Hugo @Tim Thanks for your comments! Haha, it’s true that some might see it as giving up. But I saw it as cutting my losses…. Here’s the thing. With 95% of the girls who I’ve slept with on Tinder here in Mexico City, it’s been on the first date. The other 5% slept with me on the second date; and all of those gave me some sort of sexual contact on the first date. So if Selena had come back to my place after the second date, and we’d messed around a little, even if she hadn’t fucked me, I would have made another exception and given her a third date, I wouldn’t have ghosted on her. I finally ghosted on her, because in my experience, if a Mexican girl likes you, she’s gonna fuck you fast she”s not gonna make you wait 2+ dates with zero sexual contact. For example, there is one detail I left out of this story, that sort of proves the point: in between the two dates Selena, I went on another date with a second girl from Tinder, who I ended up fucking on the first date, the same night. So I felt like Selena was just using me for entertainment, that she had no intention of fucking me. Of course, I could have been wrong… writers help

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