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Who Takes The Photos?

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Ever since I started PENDAROMA, I constantly get comments on my Instagram pics asking me who took the photo?

Well I thought it’s about time I lay it out there and let all the new bloggers know my little secrets…

When I first started taking pics of myself (gosh reading that back sounds so vain!) it involved my boyfriend at the time getting forced to take snaps at different locations (yeah, he was wasn’t too keen stopping randomly to start taking photos when we were out just because I knew it would make an amazing pic).

I had to get used to posing on command, and knowing he wouldn’t be the one telling me what to do, I would channel my inner Trya Banks and pose differently for every second snap, just so that I wasn’t stuck with a horrible pose for every picture taken (this meant there was room for error but it would also give me a higher chance of getting the prefect pic).

The only problem is that when I would want to take photos and he wasn’t available I would be stuck.

On one of my days off, I remember walking into the camera store looking for a better lense and the first thing I saw was a tripod!! I literally looked like one of those cartoons with a lightbulb moment.

I guess this is when people say “the rest is history” but no…

I could have kept this short and said that it only took a tripod to start my era of self photo taking but that wasn’t it at all. I then had to learn how to use my EOS Remote feature on my camera to connect to my phone (since I needed a remote to take my pics).

Thanks to Canon it wasn’t too complicated, I downloaded the EOS canon app which then guided me through a step by step process to connect my phone to my camera and voila! I could then use my phone to remotely take photos.

Again, you would think this was the end, but no…

I then had to completely reform my poses! I now had a phone that I had to click and not have it seen in my pics?!

It wasn’t easy but it transformed my whole blogging experience. I could now approach different clothing brands and my price packages wouldn’t be as expensive as others due to the simple fact that I didn’t need to pay a photographer.

Don’t get me wrong, some brands assign you a photographer that makes life a lot easier but for those starting out and just need an affordable way to begin, I hope this post can shine some light on other tricks to still get the shots you need.


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